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Pirate Party with Captain Jack, a Caribbean pirate entertainer and parrot or parrots - a Johnny Depp Look-alike impersonator parody of Disney's Jack Sparrow for a Pirate Themed Event or birthday party. Pirates are available in all states. We will plan and produce your Pirate Themed Event.

Jack Sparrow impersonator performing parody of Captain Jack Sparrow for hirePirate Party Event Entertainment production. A Pirate Party is fun! Invite a pirate to your pirate party, or a whole crew anywhere in the USA. Have a Pirates party or a Caribbean Party. A Pirate Party entertainer is for hire and available for your pirate party or children's birthday party, or other events anywhere in the USA as well as Southern California and cities in California, San Francisco, Las Vegas, NV, New York, NY, NJ, PA, VA, MD, MA, CT, CO, VA, IL, WI, OH, FL and other states for special events, kids birthday parties, and Caribbean themed pirate parties. We have Captain Jack, also Black Beard, Captain Morgan, or other famous pirates for hire. We provide one or more authentically attired pirates for your pirate party or pirate themed event, complete with swords and flintlock pistols. A whole pirate crew is for hire. All our pirate characters are experienced actors and entertainers with a pirate vocabulary and experience entertaining adults and children. Parrot Jack a Caribbean pirate captain parody of Jack Sparrow* can entertain your guests. Captain Parrot Jack and a whole pirate crew is for hire and available for any type of party, event or function for any age group with family entertainment, also props, sound, lighting, pirate bands, and pirate show entertainment. We'll produce your pirate show or pirate eventRent Pirate Props

picture of a Captain Jack Sparrow impersonator with a parrot entertaining children at the Snowball Express 2007A Johnny Depp look-alike pirate captain not unlike Jack Sparrow is a big hit with young adults, teenagers, and kids of all ages as well as mature adults and seniors at birthday parties or any kind of party or corporate event or any special event or social function. Captain Parrot Jack the pirate entertainer, a Johnny Depp look-alike impersonator can meet and greet your guests at company picnics and any other public or private event, or he can be the MC of any event that won't mind being taken over by a pirate. Parrot Jack and other pirates can perform skits and sword battles with comedy, parody and product placement to provide executive introductions and other corporate theatre production in everything from a a hotel banquet room in San Diego and LA or NY, NY, to a Las Vegas showroom, or a pirate party staged on the beach or a sailing ship. We provide set design and decoration with Hollywood pirate props for your large scale pirate event. See more pictures of pirate entertainers below. View Kids Pirate birthday party pictures We will perform limited engagements all over the U.S., Call us for an East coast pirate party or event (we also serve New York - NY, NJ, PA, CT, MA, MD, DE, VA, RI, FL, OH, IL, TX, NV, SF - San Francisco - San Jose ) call for details. Read What Our Customers Think of Us - We're the professional's choice.

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Captain Parrot Jack an entertainer for parties that is very popular at a birthday party for children and adults or any type of function that can benefit from a pirate that looks and talks like Johnny Depp. Captain Parrot Jack's garb is historically authentic to the period in every detail. Party guests of all ages love to have their picture taken with the Captain Parrot Jack the pirate entertainer. Parrot Jack will lead children on a fun filled treasure hunt. (you supply the treasure)  We provide other pirate characters in authentic period clothing with or without parrots for any function. More pictures of Parrot Jack, a Johnny Depp impersonator pirate character actor entertainer are below and details for a pirate themed event or birthday party are provided below. Or Click here for even more pictures of Captain Parrot Jack and other pirates. --- Long Beach Pirate Festival 2007 -- pics from the Ventura Pirate Festival July 2007 ----- See pictures of a Kid's Grand Production Pirate Party  Read customer letters

pirate treasure hunt for childrens pirate theme birthday party

What is more fun than going on a treasure hunt?

Hire a pirate character spokesperson such Captain Morgan or Black Beard for your event


We provide Parrot Jack, a character that is enjoyed by children and adults alike at company picnics, corporate events, or a pirate party for any age group, and children's birthday parties are perfect for an appearance from a Caribbean pirate captain character,. Call for details or planning any special requirements for your pirate party event. Captain Parrot Jack and his crew of pirates will entertain at any kind of event for three of more hours

Because we do so many Pirate birthday party and pirate themed events we offer Three levels of pirate themed parties or events and birthday parties. A Basic Pirate Birthday Party features a one hour visit from Captain Parrot Jack or another pirate character. A Basic pirate party is one hour and has time for a treasure hunt (treasure not provided), and the pirate's tutorial with sword training for all the kids using rubber practice swords with Captain Parrot Jack. All the kids love to learn how to sword fight with Jack using these safe rubber swords. There is also time for singing happy birthday with Jack and all the kids prior to the Captain's departure. . Many guests enjoy a chance to have a real sword fight with Captain Parrot Jack with real pirate swords (no sharp edges). Captain Parrot Jack will teach children and adults sword fighting one on one for an unforgettable interactive pirate party experience.

A Deluxe Pirate Birthday Package is two hours and can have one or two pirates, Captain Parrot Jack and a crew member or just Captain Jack. Jack will lead a treasure hunt, then perform a sword fighting show with the other pirate, and then perform the pirate tutorial with wooden sword training starring Captain Parrot Jack and the birthday child, and the wooden sword game with Jack and each child. Call for details and the price of the Basic birthday party package, pirate themed or not pirate theme, and the Deluxe Pirate Party birthday party package for kids and the package for a pirate party for adults. Call anytime 714-974-0878 Deluxe Party Package Pictures. Scroll down to get pirate party ideas Below

pirate party pirates

The Grand Production Pirate Party is the ultimate complete large scale pirate themed party package, a real Hollywood production pirate show with full cast and crew that is designed for those that want a complete package for the absolute ultimate pirate party experience for very special events with a few very special people or up to a few thousand guests. The Grand Production includes: A Johnny Depp impersonator, Caribbean pirate character like Captain Parrot jack with up to twelve pirate actors in authentic pirate garb with swords for pirate sword fighting shows, firing flintlocks, singing sea ditties, carousing, comedy, and pirate show, a belly dancer or more, a pirate stunt show, also talking parrots with their pirate parrot handlers, the pirate photo booth for framed pictures of guests holding parrots or pirate props while dressed in authentic pirate garb and a roving pirate photographer to shoot the whole party and provide a memory photo book for the host or hostess to keep with an extra photo keepsake; a montage of special photos taken during the event, plus a choice of pirate themed specialty acts such as Hollywood's best fire manipulator or fire breather, a sword swallower, a fortune teller, acrobats, and other entertainers, and pirates of the caribbean themed hollywood props and pirate decoration service, theatrical lighting, PA sound system, pirate bands, a pirate monkey, and other exotic animals are also available on special request. Call for details and prices for the Grand Production Pirate Party, the ultimate pirate party experience. We have pirate entertainers in your region, call us for professional pirate entertainment near you. Call 714-745-7321 anytime for the ultimate Pirate Party you guests will never forget. See pictures of a Kid's Grand Production Pirate Party

We provide complete event production services. Your source for Pirate Entertainment


Our entertainers are located in Southern California, the Bay area near San Francisco, and the Midwest and East Coast. We also provide pirate entertainers and parrots for events all over the USA and in Las Vegas, and other locations throughout America for parties and special events. Some of the cities we serve in Southern California are LA , Hollywood, Los Angeles, La Puente, Covina, West Covina, Whittier, Azusa, San Dimas, Long Beach, Seal Beach, Cerritos, Gardenia, Redondo Beach, Manhattan Beach, El Segundo, Marina Del Rey, Malibu, Palos Verdes, Reseda, Pasadena, Arcadia, San Marino, Monrovia, Glendale, Burbank, Santa Monica, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, Hollywood Hills, Hidden Hills, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Encino, North Hollywood, Studio City, Encino, Tarzana, Orange County, California, OC, CA, and it's cities of Anaheim, Orange, Buena Park, Brea, Cypress, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Garden Grove, Fullerton, Orange, Tustin, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Seal Beach, Los Alamitos, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Mission Viejo, Cota De Caza, Villa Park, Anaheim Hills, Orange Park Acres, Yorba Linda. Placentia, Brea, Santa Ana, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Ladera Ranch, Rancho Santa Margarita, Tustin, Corona, Murrietta, Oceanside, Camp Pendleton, Encinitas, Carlsbad, San Diego County, Del Mar, La Jolla, Westminster, Stanton, Covina, West Covina, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Palos Verdes, Malibu, Palm Springs, San Diego, Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, Thousand Palms, La Quinta, Moreno Valley, Claremont, Riverside, Ontario, Upland, Highland, Cucamonga, Redlands, Chino Hills, Oceanside, and other locations. San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Jose, Los Altos, Santa Cruz, Redwood City.

We provide service in the states of New York, NY, Chicago, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Conneticutt, Rhode Island, Washington D.C. Maryland, Boston, Massachusetts, Virginia, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Arizona, Colorado and California. We will also travel anywhere in the USA.

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Ideas Ideas for Planning the ultimate pirate Party

For a party they will never forget there is only one choice: the pirate party. Here you will find details for everything you need to know to throw your own highly successful pirate-themed party. You will impress all your neighbors and the guests will make your name known throughout the Caribbean. But first a little history of piracy in the Caribbean.

Pirates were the true free men of the sea. They lived by their own social rules. Rum was an important part of that pirate social life. Captains would give rations of rum to the crew to keep them motivated as they worked the sails on deck and after a hard day at sea when the sun had set and when they had a successful day of plunder. Pirates of the Caribbean founded the city state of Port Royal. A city built by and for pirates. Wild pirate parties were common in Port Royal's short existence.

Before pirates were branded as pirates these seamen were privateers and worked in the service of their king having been granted a letter of marque. As the colonies became more populated and the need for the privateers waned the governors of the colonies declared the privateers persona non grata and they became un authorized privateers known as pirates. Pirates terrorized ships that brought those settling the colonies and ship that supplied the colonies or shipped precious goods destined for Europe.

Great riches were plundered by the more successful Pirate captains and their crews but many of these ill gotten gains were short lived as many pirates were captured and executed with their corpse left out to rot in public view in a gibbet cage custom made to fit the body of the deceased pirate. Many times they were also tarred and feathered. The most famous indignity suffered a great pirate was the decapitation and subsequent mounting on the bow sprit of the conquering ship for the head of Black Beard.

With a live fast and die young lifestyle many pirates lived large. They wore the finest clothes they could steal from the ships that they plundered. Often time the clothing would not match or would be highly decorative making them overdressed when sailing the coast in search of plunder.

When Caribbean pirates put ashore they would anchor the sloops in shallow coves and then party on the beach among the dunes and seaside trees and brush. This would become a great barbecue for the captain and all of the crew. They would drink rum and grog which is any drink made with rum. For you to decorate like a real pirate shore party place palms and barrels and crates around the party area and place lanterns and candelabras on the barrels and crates around the area. Be sure to have pirate flags on poles placed among the pirate props. See pirate props

When pirates were ashore in a safe haven in the Caribbean islands they would spend time in the pubs and public houses of the towns. They spent their pieces of eight and other plunder buying rum, women, and more rum living a life of drunken debauchery and celebration. Pirates were the salt of the earth but they were also homicidal criminals that would follow only the code of honor reserved for pirates and pirates only. This lifestyle was based on freedom and equality for all men of every race and a handful of pirate women that actually sailed with pirate crews in the golden age of piracy from 1675 to 1736.

Make your own Pirate Invitations

You can make very authentic pirate invitations on your own by using parchment paper such as Southworth (brand) 24lb ivory fine parchment paper for the stock of the invitation. Then you can get real artistic by getting a small sheet of flat linoleum floor tile or a wood block and then carving the image you want into the tile or wood block to make a real 18th century looking invitation. For you modern minded swabs you can make the whole invitation in your computer with a word processor and use a Caribbean theme font for the text and an image of a real wood engraving illustration of a real pirate like black Beard and print the invitation all in black with a laser or inkjet printer on the parchment paper.

For real extra pirate appearance burn the edges of each invitation on a gas stove for just a split second for each portion of the paper. You can even crumple each page for added realism then flatten each out. For even more pirate realism then role up each invitation and then tie each rolled pirate party invitation with some twine. This means you would have to send the rolled invitation in a tube or small box thru the mail. You may want to consider placing the roll into a bottle, small clear plastic bottles for invitations are available at www .OrientalTrading.com.

Making your own Pirate Map

To make your own pirate map for a children's party or an adult pirate party you just need to have something that looks like it has been kept hidden away in some pirates pocket for many months at a time. It should look worn around the edges and aged possible also damaged from being torn in a bar fight or divided into separate pieces for safe keeping between conspiring comrades of crewmen or a secretive pirate captain.

To make your own authentic looking pirate treasure map use the parchment paper or you can use a crumpled brown paper bag which has no modern printing on it. Tear the edges rather than cutting. Burn the edges slightly on the stove (DANGER ADULTS ONLY). Use a fine tip black marker to draw a single map using old english style lettering without using proper spelling or grammar. Show a crude rendering of the location of the party venue in relation to north and the nearest body of water (ocean). Add small drawing of clues or points of interest along a broken snaking line on the page which should terminate at the X on the page for the location of the treasure.

Message in a Bottle

The bottle played an important role in a pirates life, it held the rum he was carrying with him. A message in a bottle conjures up images of stranded sailors lost on a uncharted desert island. Tossing the bottle out into the waves in the vain hope that someone would find the note inside and send a ship to the rescue.

For your bottled note pirate party invitation place the invitation for the party into an empty washed and dried glass bottle and place a cork in the top. Be sure to make the rolled note smaller than the width of the bottle opening so it will slide out easily. Place the bottle in padded box for shipping to the invitees. You may consider using plastic bottles such as those from Oriental Trading. For a tropical inspired invitation greeting you might try:

Ahoy Mates!  Ye be invited to attend a Piratical gathering at ___your address____ at the hour and day of; __the time and date______ Keep to the code and share the rum! BYOB - Be there in your best pirate attire and be ready to party like it's 1709!

Pirate Attire for the Pirate party

Guys can do a perfect pirate look with a bandana and a dark tan wearing just tattered pants cut off below the knee and a colorful sash wrapped around the waist with a wide leather belt placed over the sash and a cutlass tucked in the sash. The pants can be authentic breeches or they can be pants from a karate outfit dyed a dull color. Pirates wore long socks and shoes with buckles or they wore no socks with the shoe or no shoes at all. Some pirates wore boots but not many crew men would have worn boots on a deck.

Some of the crew might wear pieces of different naval uniforms captured from the crew and officers of vanquished navy ships. Many captains would wear fancy frock coats and all pirate crew men would wear a waist coat (a long vest). Men of the 17th and 18th century would never be seen without wearing a waistcoat over their shirt. A typical pirate shirt would be a poet's shirt or a open collared white shirt with billowy sleeves worn under the long vest or waistcoat. A sash made of stolen fine fabric would be wrapped around the outside of the waist coat, which made a perfect place to tuck a flintlock pistol or two. The white pirate's shirt should always be soaked in coffee first to make it look authentic. Pirates did not have bleached white cloth. After soaking the whole shirt in the coffee in a sink, squeeze the excess coffee out by wring the shirt out over the sink and then toss it in your clothes dryer.

To really look the part of a true pirate you need to not look too pale. For the right look of a swarthy seafaring pirate, try theatrical bronzing tint or use a self tanner on your face if you don't have a real tan. Real pirates spent enough time at sea to have a tanned face and hands. For extra authenticity men can grow a beard or long stubble on the face. Tie a braid in your beard if it is long enough. Mustaches should be drooping lower than the sides of the mouth. Wear a wig if your hair is cut in a modern hair style or cover the hair with a pirate style bandana, pirates in the 1700's did not have crew cuts, most men had long hair in this era. Many pirates and most working men then had their hair pulled back into a pony tail.

You may want to finish the look off with a flintlock pistol tucked in the sash and a cutlass sword in a scabbard hanging from a baldric that lays across your chest with the sword at your side in its scabbard. A three cornered hat will round out the look. Don't add too much plumage to your hat to avoid looking like a dandy.

Women pirates of the Caribbean tended to dress like men all the time and hid their femininity in order to live among the men on the ship in secret posing as boys or young men. It would be a great danger to be exposed as women for female pirates. In the golden age of Caribbean pirates, it appears that Anne Bonney and Mary Read the most famous lady pirates, were able to shed their secret personas on board the pirate ship they both sailed on and eventually both women became pregnant while sailing with a pirate crew. It was the fact that both Mary Read and Anne Bonney were both found to be with child at the time of their trial for piracy that they were spared from the gallows, the fate that befell the rest of their crew and their Captain Calico Jack Rackham.

Today's lady pirates will flaunt their femininity by wearing a combination of ladies period apparel with wide leather belts and a leather baldric with sword and other pirate weaponry and aristocratic hats. The look is completed by a corset or a bodice worn over the dress or with a full skirt and a white peasant blouse pulled low to the top of the bodice to enhance cleavage. Some women my try an updated look by wearing black spandex pants with thigh high boots or tight black leather pants with boots with a fitted short black waist coat or vest over a red blouse. Some may prefer the classic pirate wench look and appear as ladies of Port Royale wearing elaborate dresses of the 17th and 18th century. A ladies outfit suitable for a ren faire may also fit with the pirate party look.

Pirate Props and Decorations

Making your venue look like a pirate's lair is easy if you consider the line of work of the typical pirate crew. A pirate gathering would be in a pub, or a seaside encampment or a secret pirate hideout like a cave. The location would contain many examples of hoarded pirate loot and plunder such as wooden crates and barrels and burlap sacks stuffed with tea or coffee. Mark everything with the logo of the East India Trading Company for added authenticity. Cover any modern looking areas in the room or venue with jute netting hung about the area. Add pirate flags everywhere and lanterns with electric candles inside. Place potted palms throughout.

Make a buffet table display featuring a treasure chest centerpiece filled with gold plastic coins and cold mardi gras beads. Don't make this one display if you are having a kids treasure hunt. Place ornate candelabras on the table and elaborate serving platters with tropical fruit piled about on the table among the platters of food.

You can rent pirate props and decorations from us here

Pirate Music for the Pirate Party

For a festive Pirate Party, pirate music will set the right mood. You can book a pirate band with our grand production party package for the ultimate pirate party. See Pirate Bands . WIthout hiring the band you still party like a pirate with music from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean movies soundtracks.

Pirate Party Guest Arrival & Announcement

You may want to emulate an 18th century grand ball for your pirate party by have someone announce the guests while in character as the guests arrive. The announcer could be a pirate actor from pirates for parties or it could be a family member. Maybe you have a young actor in the family to volunteer for this.

Suggested lines for your guest announcer:

Announcer: “Ladies and Gentleman, it is my pleasure to announce the honorable Captain _______, captain of the fine ship "Lucky Endeavor".

Drunk Pirate Announcer: “ Pirates and pirate lords, it be my pleasure to announce to the presence of his lordship Captain ______ and lady _______.”

Pirate Party Favors

Pirate party favors can be any kind of take home swag maybe even provided in a small treasure chest box. These can be gold mardi gras beads, plastic gold coins, plastic rings, chocolate gold foil coins.

Pirate Party Activities

A pirate party should be filled with piratical entertainment a company like pirates for parties has pirate party entertainers in your area. You can always have someone who looks a little like a pirate captain from your circle of as your pirate master of ceremonies. He will lead the kids and adults in all the pirate activities.

The Timed Pirate Treasure Hunt for Adults

Use the invitation you sent to the guest for the treasure map. Provide a set of clues on the map to direct the guests to search the party venue for a hidden prize or you can put different party favors at each place located by the clues. During the party announce the hunt to the guest and give a time to end the hunt. Be sure to hide each treasure well but not too well to prevent it from being found.

Kids Treasure Hunt with Jack

When you hire a pirate entertainer like Parrot Jack or another pirate entertainer from a company like Pirates for Parties to entertain at a kids party he will lead the kids on a treasure hunt using his compass. (you need to tell the pirate where the treasure is hidden when he first arrives) Parents: Hide a box or chest somewhere in the yard covered with a green tarp or place the chest or box in a hidden hole covered with a piece of plywood covered with ground cover in the garden. In the chest place back for each kid invited plus six or more extra bags. Fill the bags with two strands of gold mardi gras beads, six plastic gold coins, two plastic novelty rings, and a Ring Pops candy. Cover the bags with extra gold bears and plastic gold coins, and hide the box well.

Kids Walk the Plank

For a kids party you can have kids walk the plank over a sheet of plastic and wet the plastic .Place numerous filled water balloons all over the plastic around the plank. Place a 2 x 6 board over the plastic mounted on sturdy raised wood blocks. Place a blindfold on the the child while on the board and One by One have the blindfolded kids cross the plank, the kids that step off the sides of the plank step on the water balloons and get a splash of water on their feet.

Pirate Battle

Cannon Ball Toss. Divide the guest into two groups of lines facing each other. Place the guests 4 feet apart from the two lines. Give each guest a small black water balloon. each guest must toss toward each other the water balloon. Each time the balloon is tossed to the opposite side the moderator will then ask the lines to takes one step away from each other. He then orders the guest to toss the balloon to each other. Each guest must catch the balloon and avoid getting wet as they continue to step further back away from the opposing line of guests. The last guest with an unbroken balloon is the winner.

Sword Fighting with Jack

The ultimate pirate party will have pirate sword fighting lessons. The really ultimate pirate party with have sword fighting lessons with Jack for the kids. This game should only be moderated by trained fencer or a skilled sword fighter. The sword trainer (Jack) will line up all the guests and pick a guest to do a demonstration. The moderator will demonstrate a jab and deflecting a jab to the guests. The moderator can only use soft rubber swords for this demonstration and game. Real swords or wooden swords can cause injuries to the moderator by over excited guests wielding the sword. The object of the game is to have the winner place the tip of the sword in the center of the opponents body.

Food & Drink

Pirates did not have a very good diet while at sea but they would create a feast with anything available when camped ashore on a beach. The meals would include seafood caught from the shore or speared in the shallows or bartered on the docks. Roasted spicy chicken would also be common as well as roast goat, lamb, whole pig pork roast and plenty of fresh tropical fruit. Tankards of grog and bottles of rum would be hoisted by all. The captain would join the crew in a raucous bacchanal of singing and drinking and occasional sword fighting among drunken pirates.

Your pirate party feast might include Jamaican Jerk Chicken, fried fish, shrimp, barbeque beef, roast pork, carne asada, fried rice, gumbo, roasted potatoes, cold pasta, salads, fresh fruit and sour dough bread rolls, tortillas, or cornbread. For a kids only family party some people opt for just hamburgers and hot dogs barbequed at the party.

For Signature Pirate Party Entree's you might consider:

Captain Jack's Kraken Surprise: Hot seafood casserole containing calamari, cod, shrimp, clams, mussels and small potatoes chunks in a creamy pepper tomato sauce. Serve this in bowls with a spoon ladle and provide a chunk of sourdough bread with each bowl.

Black Beard's Burgers: Barbecues hamburger patty with cheddar cheese served on a kaiser roll with thousand Island dressing and shredded cole slaw and a slice of tomato. For adult parties add Worstishire sauce to the ground beef and sprinkle salt, garlic, and cayenne pepper on the the hamburger patty when cooking.

Shore Boat: Fill a hollowed out round french bread loaf and fill with Captain Jack's Krakenfrugen Surprise or New England Clam Chowder.

Pieces of Eight Chicken Strips: Serve a heated tray of baked or fried chicken strips with serving tongs and provide mango chutney and sweet and sour sauce and a bowl of shredded coconut with a spoon to sprinkle it on the chicken drizzled with sweet and sour or chutney.

Pirate Grog: Spiced Rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, pomegranate juice, cane sugar served with ice in a wooden tankard.

Pirate Punch: Sweet red wine, sweet white wine, orange juice,  pineapple juice, chopped fruit served with ice in a wooden tankard.

Amber Ale - Wheat Bear - Anchor Steam Bear - Samuel Adams - Guinness served in a metal tankard which each pirate would be carrying.

Kids Pirate Punch: Hawaiian Punch,  orange juice, lemon lime soda

Pirate Party Kids Birthday Cake: Prepare a large pan style cake and cover with white frosting with blue frosting on one half of the top and tan color frosting on the other half with brown sugar sprinkled on to make the effect of sand. Write the birthday child's name and happy birthday in red color squeezed frosting and decorate with small pirate figures and candles.

A chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and be fashioned to look like a pirate ships deck with small figures of Jack Sparrow and Will Turner on the deck fighting the Kranken's gray or green frosting tentacles coming up the side of the cake and onto the deck.

Before You Cast Off

All of the suggestions and ideas for your ultimate pirate party presented here can be modified to suit any age level of crowd - Do not serve Rum to Children Please. For the best event planning for a pirate party call us to get more details and book a pirate entertainer to make your pirate party extra memorable and a pirate party your guests will never forget.

Call to Book Your Event with Us 714-745-7321

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Note to Orange County residents: Until parrots are exempted from section 5-1-29, you will never be entertained by parrots at a party or event in Orange County again. Every legitimate parrot entertainer has boycotted Orange County, California. Other counties and states are not affected.