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Pirate Party crew - Pirates with parrots for hire with Parrot Jack a pirate entertainer for your pirate party - Pirate Entertainers for a Pirates or a Caribbean Party

A few members of our pirate crew below . Pirate Crew men and women are used for large events such as company picnics or large pirate themed parties or events where a show is performed or a whole crew of pirates is required. All crew members are experienced sword fighters, parrot handlers and actors or entertainers. The basic Birthday party features the Captain or a pirate and parrots only. We also have Captain Parrot Jack with other pirate entertainers both with or without parrots, see some of them below at the bottom of this page. see below. We are your source for pirates with parrots for hire for special events. Call us for a parrot show or sword fighting show.

Pirate birthday party pictures

jack sparrow for party entertainment

Richard the Dagger (left) with Mister Giblet, the ship's first mate (right)


captain jack sparrow engaged in a sword fight

Crewmen: Richard the Dagger and Steel Hearted Steve. with parrots
Below Left: Quartermaster Robert MacHurley and below right: Ship's Navigator Evan Armand Di Constanza

Below Left: Benjamin Silver and below right: Maria De Luna

Michael McLeod

parrot handler pirate Parrot Steve

Scarlet Halot

Scarlet Harlot - Queen of the Pirates

Scarlet Harlot

Chesty Dubloons

Above: Chesty Dubloons

pirate juggler

A pirate Juggler

Pirate birthday party pictures

Pirate characters are available all over the USA

Below: Captain Parrot Jack, with parrot and pirates Bosun Shred, Scarlet, and others

pirate party entertainers

We have Pirate Jack available in Chicago - We have a Pirate Jack in New York, New Jersey and Tri-state area.


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